13 Biggest SEO Trends of 2021 - Latest Google Updates of 2021

  13 Biggest SEO Trends of 2021 (UPDATED LIST) The SEO industry is unpredictable just like algorithm  updates that Google launches  from time to time. The industry is so volatile that if an SEO goes into hibernation and wakes up after a year, the person may start sensing a generation gap.  So, much is happening around the world of SEO and you want to be on top of all these to make sure things (rankings) are under your control.  In this blog, I’ll discuss a few hot trends in SEO and also make some speculations about how things can pan out in 2021.  If you are wondering why read someone’s speculations, then the answer is so simple. Until, Google reveals all the ranking factors, which they will not, SEO is half speculation half data-driven.  I’ll be sharing some of the best practices that we follow here in Stan Ventures, and these practices take our clients to the next level. With just a few changes, you can be ready for whatever 2021 throws your way, at least based on what Google has bee